Whitepoint Optics Canon FDs - 5 Lens Set

14mm T2.9 FD L, 20mm T2.9 SSC, 24mm T1.5 SSC ASPH, 35mm T2 SSC, 50mm T1.3 SSC ASPH, 85mm T1.3 SSC ASPH.

More focal lengths to come.

Cooke 7

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The Dream Set of the legendary Canon FDs. The 14mm FD L, is as rare as hen's teeth. The 24mm, 55mm and 85mm are all SSC asphericals. The 35mm is the SSC concave. If you haven't gone down the FD rabbit hole, what that translates to is that this set is the duck's nuts. And to top it off these amazing lenses are in the Whitepoint Optics housing, which is the best we've seen.


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