8 Lens Set

35mm T3.5, 45mm T2.8, 55mm T2.8, 70mm T2.8, 80mm T2.8, 110mm T2.8, 150mm T3.5 and 210mm T4. 


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  • $900 1 week






With an image circle of 69.7mm, Mamiya 645 lenses provide coverage far larger than any digital cinema sensor currently on the market, including Alexa 65. These lenses are perfect for next-gen large sensor cameras like RED Monstro, Alexa Mini LF and Sony Venice, especially when combined with the included speed booster. These lenses are small and lightweight, not much bigger than full frame 35mm lenses. Perfect for handheld and gimbal work. They are also fast for medium format lenses - most open up to f/2.8, with excellent sharpness and beautiful shallow depth of field.

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